Judge Used “Fake Laws” To Lock Up Black Children


A judge in Rutherford County, Tennessee, is accused of sending black kids to jail although they didn’t commit an offense.

Judge Donna Scott Davenport created a mandate that had all children brought in for crimes be sent to the detention center.

In 2016, 11 Black elementary school children were detained or processed at the center for supposedly watching a fight with a five and six year-old.

Davenport has now been criticized again for allowing jail staffers to decide when a child was let out.

It has been said that the judge made up a law that is not even on the books. The alleged crime was “criminal responsibility for the conduct of another.”

In 2014, 48% of children locked up were under her watch while the state averaged 5%.

In 2017, Rutherford County paid $397,500 in a settlement to the 11 Black children. The officer who gave his signature on the charges was suspended for three days.


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