Jury Grants $301 Billion Dollars In Verdict


A jury granted a $301 billion verdict against a Corpus Christi sports bar. Beer Belly’s Sports Bar was sued for over-serving a customer alcohol who killed 3 people including himself shortly after leaving. The intoxicated man got in his car and drove with his blood alcohol content over 3 times the legal limit. He barely made it down the street when he ran a red light at 91 miles an hour, killing a grandmother and her 16-year-old granddaughter.

Initially the jury wrote down $300 million to render, then unanimously changed it to $301 billion. The verdict is to Kindred’s daughters, Jennifer Kindred and Elizabeth Anderson, in punitive damages against Beer Belly’s, which closed in 2019.

The family’s attorney says they don’t expect to see any of the money. Their goal was to raise awareness about drunk driving and the responsibility bars have when serving guests alcohol.



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