Justice Department Speaks Up For Texas Teens Suing Their School District Over Locs


Two males in Texas say that their school district discriminated against them when they couldn’t go to their classes. This was due to the length of their locs.

Now, the Justice Department has filed a statement of interest on their behalf.

“The United States has a significant interest in ensuring that all students can participate in an educational environment free of unlawful discrimination and in the proper application of the Equal Protection Clause..”

De’Andre Arnold and Kaden Bradford’s parents are suing the Barbers Hill School District. They said that the district discriminated against their kids because they are boys. They also said that the district’s policy on hair length only applies to the males.

In 2020, both parents filed an dress code exemption request; however, it was denied.

The district filed a motion to dismiss the case in June. The plaintiffs’ lawyers filed their response on Friday.



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