Katy ISD Head Football Coach Quits, Following Claims Of Sexual Misconduct With A Student


The ex-Paetow High School head football coach and campus athletic coordinator, in Harris County, Texas, is being investigated by the District Attorney’s office. This comes after he has been accused of sexual misconduct with a student.

Lonnie Teagle became the head coach at the school earlier this year. He had only been in the position for six months when Katy ISD officials questioned him regarding claims of misconduct with a student. Not long after that, Teagle quit his job.

On Tuesday, parents of students at the high school were provided with an email that said, “Campus athletic coordinator and head football coach Lonnie Teagle has resigned due to personal reasons.”

“The Katy ISD police have investigated an allegation concerning a former head football coach. The individual resigned during the inquiry, and the case has been referred to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The safety of Katy ISD students and staff is the district’s top priority. Whenever the district is made aware of an allegation, the accused is immediately removed from their district assignment…” a spokesperson noted.

The district didn’t say what the nature of the claims against Teagle are or what led Katy ISD police to hand the case over to the district attorney’s office.

Teagle began this assignment, in April, following two years of him being the offensive coordinator for Billy Ryan High School in Denton, Texas.


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