Kaufman Man Sentenced To 38 Years In A Texas Penitentiary For Evading Arrest


On July 21, a Kaufman County, Texas, jury gave 41-year-old Laquoncy Deshard Ellis a 38-year sentence in the Texas penitentiary.

Ellis pled guilty to 3rd Degree Felony offense of Evading Arrest or Detention with a Vehicle.

During the trial, it was said that Ellis was arrested after he wouldn’t pull over for a sheriff’s deputy in Forney. Sheriff’s Deputy William Kennedy tried to pull over Ellis’s car for reckless driving and invalid registration. When Ellis saw the Deputy’s emergency lights, he quickly accelerated and took officers on a high-speed chase on Highway 80. For close to 10 minutes, Ellis drove more than 110 miles per hour. He was finally stopped in a construction zone on I-635.

Ellis has several prior convictions. This includes several convictions for assault, evading arrest, and driving while intoxicated. Because of that, he could have been sentenced from 25 to 99 years or Life in the Texas penitentiary. The state sought to give him 75 years. Ultimately, the jury decided on 38 years.

Assistant District Attorneys Taylor McConnell and Heather Ragsdale; and Detective Sandra Ortiz and paralegal Yolanda Murphy played a vital role in getting ready for the trial. Sheriff’s Deputies William Kennedy and William Holden have been praised for the testimony that they provided at trial.


  1. a damn same that they are allowed to do. 38 years for evading arrest is bullshit. they put a loop hole in the laws to allowed this type of corruption. fuck Texas and the peckerwoods that do this shit

  2. what the hell.. you dint give him no damn 38 years for evading arrests…. thats too steep! give him 6 months to a year but 38 years wait a minute.. yall are ridiculous and you devils know this is wrong with your evil asses.

  3. Meanwhile… I recall someone drunk driving, killing a whole family while intoxicated, left the scene, chased and was actually set free due to the so.called “affluenza” whom got probation… Dumb a$$ violated THAT drinking at a party… AND had another violation added when he fled the Country…

    Got caught up, served 720 days for the violations (protected) Get’s released EARLY.. Then fails a drug test and was BACK in jail. Compare all that to this current situation and what do YOU get?


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