Kelly Clarkson Ordered to Pay Ex-Husband $200,000 Per Month In Spousal and Child Support


Kelly Clarkson will have to pay ex-husband Brandon Blackstock $195,601 a month in spousal and child support. However, this is less than what he was seeking.

On July 27, the court order that was given states that she must pay $150,000 in spousal support and $45,601 a month in child support.

In November, Kelly was given primary physical custody of the children River 7, and Remington, 5. Additionally, court documents reveal that Clarkson profits $1.5 million per month in income.

It has been noted that Blackstock, the former stepson of Reba McEntire, quit his job as an entertainment manager and “made a deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher fulltime.”

The court order also requires Kelly to pay $1.25 million towards her ex’s legal fees and cost of the divorce which is on-going.

“A divorce is never easy…the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts,” Kelly stated on her talk show.



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