Kenya Man Arrested And Charged With The Deaths Of 12 Elderly Women In Texas


A 46 year old Kenya man charged with killing an 81 year old Texas woman in 2018 has now been charged with 11 more elderly women’s death.
According to reports Billy Chemirmir,46 is illegally here from Kenya and was working as a home health worker has been linked to the deaths of 12 women in the Dallas, Frisco and Plano area.
Chemirmir was arrested and charged back in March of 2018 for the death of Lu Thi Harris,81.
Investigators now believe he is related to 11 more women’s death because they were all killed in a similar way by being smothered with a pillow.
He is now facing 6 new charges in Dallas County and 5 in Collin County.
He is being held on a $11.6million bond in Dallas County and also being held on a charge of being in the country illegally.



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