Kidnap Victims Escape Desoto Airbnb Home, 3 Men Wanted


After two people were kidnapped on Monday night, authorities are looking for three suspects. Fortunately, the two victims were able to escape.

Police in Midlothian, Texas, say that they were contacted by the Desoto, Texas, police department, at around 9:48 p.m., on October 9. This was in connection to a possible kidnapping that had transpired in their city.

Authorities in Midlothian had gone to the supposed location of the occurrence and at a location in Desoto to talk to officers and the victims.

Detectives then found out that three men had gone to the victims’ residence in the 5000 block of Vernon Point in Midlothian. Authorities say that one of the suspects was known to the victims.

The suspects had weapons and transported the victims, a 72-year-old man and 68-year-old woman, by gunpoint, to an Airbnb in Desoto, authorities noted.

When they arrived to the Airbnb in the 600 block of Priscilla Lane, the victims were tied up as the suspects tried to gain access to their online accounts. Many hours after that, two of the suspects left the location.

After getting loose of their restraints and gaining access to a kitchen knife, the victims were able to subdue the third suspect. The victims then ran from the home and went to a neighbor’s house to contact police.

Because the victims knew one of the suspects, they were able to identify him as Noah Gulzar, 20. A warrant is now out for his arrest on two counts of aggravated kidnapping with a deadly weapon.

It isn’t known if the Airbnb was rented out for the alleged offense, and the other two suspects haven’t been identified at this time.

An investigation is continuing.

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