Kidnapped Dog Breeder Drives Erratically To Get Police Attention; 3 Suspects Later Arrested


A Florida dog breeder was kidnapped from his home. He intentionally got police to pull him over so that he could get some assistance.

Tsdekiel Sellers, 22, of Atlanta, Benyahveen Radcliffe, 25, of Buffalo, and Kashaveeyah Bragdon, 22, of Tallahassee were arrested. They face charges of kidnapping, car- jacking, armed burglary, and home invasion. This was after they pretended to want to purchase a dog, said the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say that the three suspects robbed the victim, forcing him to hand over cash, on June 13.

Two days later, they made the victim drive somewhere else. On the way, the victim saw a deputy and began to drive erratically, going in and out of lanes.

He was stopped by police and gave a hand signal. He wanted the deputy to know that he needed assistance.

Deputies understood the signal and saw the fear in the victim’s eyes. After talking with him, the three men were apprehended.

When the vehicle was searched, authorities discovered weapons and a great amount of cash.

Authorities didn’t publicly identify the victim. However, they say that he was targeted after bragging online about the success of his dog-breeding business.

The men are said to have told authorities that they were members of the “Israelites and had come to Florida to hang out with some “b——.”

The investigation is continuing.



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