Lego Demands Company to Cease Creating Toy That Looks Like A Gun


Lego has demanded that company, Culpeper Precision, stop making the red, blue, and yellow covering for handguns.

The multi-colored semi -automatic creation gives a similar appearance to a Lego toy. The gunmaker was advertising the item a “Block 19.”

“Guns are fun.. Shooting is fun. 30 rounds full auto is fun,” the company declared on its website.

The founder of the group, Moms Demand Action, stated that this was very troubling considering the rise in gun violence recently. She stated that in 2021 there have been more than 165 accidental shootings by children.

Last year, 142 people died as a consequence of unintentional shootings by children.

President Biden has made the fight against gun violence a top priority.



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