‘Let’s Just Stop:’ Michael Irvin Strongly Opposes Colin Kaepernick Playing For Cowboys


Because of the Dallas Cowboys’ continuous bad luck, many people are wondering what could possibly be done to change things around.

One name that was recently thrown around is Colin Kaepernick, and Michael Irvin has opposed the idea.

“Let’s stop with this Colin Kaepernick stuff. Let’s just stop. Colin Kaepernick’s been out of football for what five years now?” Irvin stated on ESPN’s First Take, on Monday evening. This came after Stephen A. Smith provided a resolution of having Kaepernick play since Prescott is hurt.

“Come on, man. Let’s stop all of a sudden thinking we can go resurrect Colin Kaepernick, and he’s going to come and resurrect a football team,” Irvin added.

The last time that 34-year-old Kaepernick played in the NFL was in 2016. He did achieve some accomplishments prior to ultimately being shunned for his political beliefs. Since then, Kaepernick has taken part in several workouts but has not been picked up by any NFL team.



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