Lewisville Fire Inspector Fired After Reporting Suspected Human Trafficking


Fire inspectors in Lewisville, Texas, often visit massage businesses to ensure that they are up to code.

Meredith Motes, an-ex fire inspector, states that she believed she was doing what was right after she told her supervisors and authorities what she had observed in some of the locations.

“I went ahead and opened the door. Laying on the table was a naked man with a lady on top of him. She was naked, as well,” Motes said.

In March 2020, Motes took photos and sent them to her boss via email. She stated that the businesses contained rooms and beds that showed signs that women were residing there.

One of the employees admitted that some of the employees lived three hours away. They may stay there a week, go home for a week, and come back.

Motes, who has been trained on noticing human trafficking, continuously reported what she had been witnessing. She says that police refused to deal with the situation, and she was told to write citations, usual for these situations.

Motes has a friend in the Denton County Sheriff’s Office who agreed to have their human trafficking task force review the matter.

When Motes’ bosses, at the Lewisville Police Department, learned of this, they began an internal investigation.

Later, Motes was terminated for insubordination, being deceptive, and disclosing to her colleagues that she was being investigated.

“We are going to find out why they shut this issue down and why they shut her down,” said Bob Gorsky, Motes’ lawyer.

LPD said that they don’t comment on personnel issues but investigate and take human trafficking claims seriously.

Motes says that she won’t stay quiet and will appeal her termination.


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