Louisiana Man Arrested On His Wedding Night After Shooting One Of His Groomsmen


A Louisiana man was arrested on his wedding night Saturday after shooting his groomsman.

Officers were assisting with a wreck on westbound Interstate 10 when they started receiving multiple calls of a shooter on foot.

Devin Jose Jones,30 was in the car with his wife and groomsman leaving his wedding.
At that time Jones and his groomsman got into an argument regarding him sleeping with Jones wife.

The groomsman got out of the car onto the interstate.
Jones also got out and began chasing him with a handgun.

He discharged his weapon shooting the groomsman in the leg and an innocent bystander in the hand.

Jones wife got out of the car and flagged down an ambulance in traffic. She told them her husband was trying to kill her.

They then barricaded her inside until officers were able to arrive and arrest him.

Both shooting victims were transported to University Medical Center in New Orleans with non life threatening injuries.

Jones was charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated battery.



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