Mailman Charged For Delivering Cocaine While On The Clock


Authorities say that a mailman was discovered to be delivering kilos of cocaine while on the clock in Brooklyn, NY.

35-year-old Zarwardy Lewis was charged with drug distribution on Friday. This comes after the US Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General stated that he delivered three packages of cocaine throughout the city in December.

The investigation started after authorities looked through a package that came from the Caribbean and was going to Bedford-Stuyvesant and discovered that it had close to two kilograms of cocaine. The street value of the package was said to be $60,000. It was one of three packages that detectives tracked that orginated from the same person and were all going to the same places in Bed-Stuy. Furthermore, Lewis is accused of delivering the other two parcels while he ran his route.

Court records show that each time Lewis delivered a package, a woman identified as Evangeline Nery would give him a $500 electronic payment.

On Jan. 26, after watching Lewis for some time, authorities observed him making another supposed drug run from his mail truck at Atlantic Terminal mail in Fort Greene.

There, detectives saw 45-year-old Nery give Lewis an empty plastic bag prior to him entering a mall.

A few minutes later, Nery came out of the shopping center and got the bag from Lewis’ truck. However, this time, the bag appeared to have a big brick-like object in it, authorities noted.

Detectives later discovered a kilo of cocaine in the bag and looked through Nery’s cell phone. They then discovered messages with images, postal receipts, and parcels that looked like the packages that Lewis was delivering.

Lewis was apprehended and was said to have confessed to delivering the packages to Nery for $500 each time.

They both have been charged with cocaine distribution in relation to the operation.

Lewis had worked for USPS since 2013. He was terminated the following day after he was apprehended and taken into custody on a $100,000 bond.

Court records show that Nery was released on a $50,000 bond.


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