Man Arrested After Allegedly Purchasing Human Body Parts On Facebook


40-year-old Jeremy Pauley was apprehended Thursday and has been charged with abuse of a corpse, receiving stolen property, and dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activities. This comes after he is said to have bought human body parts online, in East Pennsboro Township, PA.

On June 14, authorities had gotten a complaint about suspected human body parts being sold online. Close to July 8, police had answered to Pauley’s former residence after someone had discovered body parts in a bucket.

Authorities then performed a search warrant and took the buckets. The remains were proven to be human body parts by a forensic pathologist. Brains, a heart, kidney, spleen, livers, lungs, and skin were all found.

An investigation revealed that Pauley bought the remains through Facebook Messenger. While reviewing the messages, detectives also found that he was trying to buy more remains from a woman in Arkansas. They were to be shipped through USPS; however, it was intercepted. It was discovered that the woman had been taking body parts from a mortuary and shipping them to Pennsylvania for a price. The human remains reportedly belonged to the University of Arkansas.

An employee from the mortuary is now being investigated by federal authorities for stealing the remains that were give to UAMS.

Documents note that Pauley confessed to buying two shipments of human body parts to sell to people for a profit.

He was freed on a $55,000 unsecured bail.


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