Man Arrested After Breaking Into Ex Girlfriend’s House And Kidnapping Her Over Lottery Ticket


A Tennessee man has been arrested after he allegedly attacked and kidnapped his former girlfriend over a lottery ticket he claims she owed him money.

According to reports, 43 year old Dontrell Hanes was arrested Tuesday on multiple charges, including aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault and assault against a first responder.

Apparently, earlier that day Hanes went to his former girlfriend’s home in Cordova upset and kicked in the front door demanding $10,000.

He claimed she owned him the money from a winning lottery ticket and when she did not give him the money he began to choke her.

The woman told authorities that Hanes physically attacked her and even made her ride with him to transfer the funds.

While in the car the woman said he pulled out a handgun and told her if she tried to escape this would not end well.

Hanes eventually allowed the woman to use his cell phone. She called her daughter who contacted authorities.

They were able to ping the phone to a gas station where they approached him. Hanes began fighting with offices and even punched one in the face and kicked another one repeatedly.

Once detained Hanes was arrested and taken to Shelby County Jail where he remains in custody on a $250,000 bond.


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