Man Arrested After Fatally Stabbing And Dismembering Drug Dealer Over High Drug Prices


A man in Chicago has been accused of stabbing and killing a supposed drug dealer over an argument about drug prices. He is then said to have cut up the body and spread out the remains throughout the Austin community.

56-year-old Judson Taylor has been charged with first-degree murder, dismemberment of a human body, concealment of a homicidal death, and abuse of a corpse.

Taylor and the victim, Kevin Perry, had known each other for a long time. Taylor had recently become angry about the prices Perry was charging for drugs. The two had gotten into a physical altercation months before the killing. Taylor confessed to wanting to kill Perry ever since that incident, police say.

On October 23, Taylor invited Perry to come over to his residence where the two had a disagreement. Taylor then started to stab Perry with a knife, prosecutors say. Taylor then “knowingly dismembered, severed, separated, dissected, or mutilated” the body. This was prior to hiding the remains, close to Taylor’s residence, documents noted.

Last Wednesday, city trash collectors found the lower part of Perry’s body in the 4900 block of West Washington Blvd.

Following that, on Saturday, Taylor dialed 911 and stated that he was having breathing issues and that he had found two cut off arms. Police discovered the upper part of a man’s body behind Taylor’s apartment building and two severed arms.

The next day, Taylor confessed to stabbing Perry 10 times and cutting his body up. Authorities added that he even boasted about it.

Taylor is now being held in custody without bond.


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