Man Arrested After Jumping in Alligator-Infested Water, Tired Of Sitting in Traffic


Jimmy Jennings, 26, waited for two hours in traffic. Several vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 10 in Louisiana, and he was bored.

Below him was the Atchafalaya River, and he chose to jump in. He stated that he struggled to swim in the water that contains alligators. He “truly thought it was the end of his time.”

Jennings said that he actually believed that he was going to hop in for a quick swim and then return to shore. Afterwards,  he would just get back in his friend’s vehicle, he presumed.

A video that has gone viral depicts the moment he jumps in the water and lands in there.

Jennings was stuck in the water, waiting to be rescued for three hours. He admits that the water was too much for him.

After he was rescued, he was apprehended and charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespassing.


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