Man Arrested After Knowingly Spreading HIV To At Least 3 Women


On Thursday, 30-year-old Ernest Lacour, of Oklahoma City, was apprehended and charged with knowingly spreading HIV to at least three women.

One unidentified victim stated that she is now warning others.

Lacour is facing three counts of knowingly engaging in conduct to transfer HIV.

“It’s a deadly disease, but you can still live your life. I don’t have AIDS, and I still have a life to live,” the woman commented.

She says she began having sex with Lacour in 2021. Eventually, she started getting sick and then saw a doctor.

“I would just faint and pass out. I would get so lightheaded that I would have these episodes and throw up for weeks,” the woman said.

When she received her lab results, she was in total shock.

“It’s hard mentally. They had to tell me about programs and medicine and treatments.”

Court documents note that OKC police became involved in the situation because of evidence that proved that Lacour was aware that he was HIV positive during sexual contact.

The woman says that others could be at risk.

“I just want to tell everyone that they need to get tested and to be careful. You never know who someone really is,” she continued.


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