Man Pulls AR Style Rifle On Landscapers In Front Of His Home


On July 7, a man in Clearwater, Florida, pulled a firearm on a father and his daughter. This came as the two were landscaping a yard across the street from him, according to a video that has circulated social media.

David H. Berry has a long criminal record. Berry, of Fat Finger Construction, can be seen with a rifle in his hands, screaming at Jeremy Lee. Meanwhile, his daughter, Carrie Lee, recorded the incident.

Previously, Berry has been charged with three felonies, including battery and burglary. He took a plea and all of them were then turned into misdemeanors.

“This is my property. You are not allowed to block my driveway. Don’t be a prick,” Berry screams as he points at Lee.

“I told you I’ll move,” Lee responds.

“You think I’m playing, punk ass? Your daughter better take record of how stupid her father is,” Berry says, talking about Carrie who was recording. At the same time, Berry was pointing at the 22-year-old as he had his gun in his hand. “Keep recording. If it goes online, your ass will be sued, too!”

Berry then takes out his phone and started recording, as well.

In a recording, it doesn’t appear that Lee’s landscaping trailer was blocking the driveway. However, the gate for the trailer was down in order to take the lawnmower off of it. It went close to Berry’s driveway, on the road, making him angry and use profanity at the landscapers, his daughter said.

Officers from the Clearwater Police Department came to the scene after Lee called them. However, Berry no longer had the gun, the daughter stated. The video shows officers simply standing on the street.

Although Carrie showed authorities the video that she recorded, officers stated that they couldn’t take any action.

CPD said that they will continue to look into the matter. They say that they were given conflicting stories, and no weapon was seen in the video. Therefore, it will take time to determine exactly what happened.

Carrie later described how she felt.

“I was so shocked…I was terrified. That someone would do this while we were just trying to do our work.” She added that Berry had disclosed that he would fatally shoot both of them.

Carrie thinks that the incident happened because Berry is white, and they are Black.

“The racism, I’m almost used to it, because I deal with it everyday.”



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