Man Arrested After Shooting At Person Trying To Rob Him Of His Rare Coins In Arlington Parks Mall Parking Lot


Authorities in Arlington, Texas, apprehended a man after he is said to have tried to sell unusual coins. However, it resulted in a theft and shooting.

On Saturday, close to 6:35 p.m., 23-year-old Edgar Ipina contacted authorities to state that he had been robbed and had fired his weapon at the suspect.

He disclosed that he was selling rare coins through an online marketplace. Ipina had decided to meet up with the possible purchaser in a parking lot, close to the Parks Mall.

When he revealed the coins to the possible buyer, the man took them and started to flee from the area.

Ipina reported that he retrieved a firearm and shot at the man several times. But, the man got into a vehicle and drove off.

Authorities apprehended Ipina, and he is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This is because it seems as though the purchaser wasn’t armed nor had threatened the seller.

Someone with the same description of the purchaser had been transported to a Fort Worth medical facility with several gunshot injuries.

That person, Booker Ross, 34, suffered non-life threatening wounds.

Authorities state that Ross will be placed into jail on one count of theft from a person.

No one else was hurt in the shooting.

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