Man Arrested After Shooting At Teens Who Accidentally Pulled Into His Driveway


On Tuesday, a man in Virginia was apprehended after he shot at a car that had three teenagers inside of it. The teens said that they had accidentally gone into the man’s driveway.

On June 18, close to 9:45 p.m., Spotsylvania County authorities responded to a residence, regarding a dispute. 49-year-old Brent Alford told police that he saw a car parked in his driveway.

With a gun in his hand, Alford went to find out what was going on. Inside of the car were three teenagers who were siblings. They are ages 17, 16, and 15. They stated that they had been lost and had gone down Alford’s driveway unintentionally.

The teens said that as they were trying to go back the other way, Alford started to bang on their window and scream at them. As the 17-year-old driver tried to drive away, Alford shot his gun one time, hitting the trunk.

The bullet went through the taillight, hit things in the trunk, and ended up in the cushion of the back seat.

The two teens sitting in the back of the car were uninjured.

Alford has been charged with three counts of shooting inside of an occupied vehicle and reckless handling of a firearm.


  1. Interpretation of this article is as follows. 3 black males drove down a long country driveway with intent to rob a house when they were confronted by the homeowner.


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