Man Arrested For Bank Robberies Across North Texas


A Dallas man was arrested Thursday and is now facing bank robbery charges.
According to reports Michael Wilmer Wilson,34 was arrested at his Dallas home and charged with bank robbery.
Wilson has been linked to multiple robberies in Texas due to fingerprints and surveillance footage from the areas.
Officers believe Wilson went into a Dallas bank on February 9 with a demand note that read, “This is a robbery. I have a gun.”
He grabbed several thousand dollars before fleeing the scene, but left a bank deposit slip.
Authorities lifted a fingerprint off the slip but came back with no matches.
Then a bank was robbed in Ennis on April 29 and the suspect again, handed the teller a demand note reading, “THIS IS A ROBBERY. 30K. DON’T BE A HERO.” He advised the teller to place the money into a folder before he fled the scene.
Detectives collected surveillance footage from a nearby store that captured Wilson getting into a silver Dodge Challenger.
Officers also got footage of the vehicle crossing paths of a squad car that was able to capture the license plate on dash cam.
Once officers searched the DMV database they were able to link the vehicle to Wilson.
If convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison.


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