Man Arrested After Running Off With 15 Bricks Of Cocaine That Washed Ashore


37-year-old Joey Lee Ware was apprehended on Monday after he attempted to take bricks of cocaine that had washed ashore on Mississippi’s Gulf Coastline.

Ware has been charged with aggravated trafficking of controlled substances.

Last Saturday, 11 bricks of cocaine were discovered in various sections of Biloxi Beach. Volunteers who had been helping the Keesler Air Force Base clean the beach had made the discovery.

Officers later determined that Ware was in possession of cocaine that was in similar packaging as the other bricks. They all had “Dior” labels on them, and Ware was said to have had 1 1/2 bricks.

Because Ware hadn’t reported finding it and took it, he was charged.

Officials say that the bricks, worth over $1 million, will now be destroyed.

Ware remains in custody on a $150,000 bond.


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