Man Attacks Another Man With Bricks For Not Sharing Crack Pipe


A man from Florida was apprehended Tuesday after Opa-Locka authorities stated that he beat a man with bricks. This was because he wouldn’t allow the man to take a hit from his crack pipe.

On Dec. 22, the victim told police that he was sitting down on a grocery store cart when a man identified as “Urkel” approached him and asked him to take part in smoking his crack pipe with him.

The victim stated that he denied the request and told “Urkel,” whose real name is Tony Harris, 29, that he would break the pipe if he continued to ask.

Documents note that Harris then struck the man in the face with a brick, making him stagger and sustain a fractured nose.

After he was done, Harris is said to have stolen the victim’s jacket and picked up bricks in both hands.

The man told authorities that Harris chunked one of the bricks that struck him in the head. After the victim ran to an apartment complex that was close by, he was transported to a medical facility for treatment.

Records show that Harris is in jail without bond for felony battery and armed robbery with a weapon.



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