Man Awarded $100 Million After Officer Tased Him In The Back, Leaving Him Paralyzed


An Atlanta police officer tased a man in 2018, resulting in him falling to the ground and hitting his head. He is now paralyzed and needs around the clock care. Thus, the man has been awarded $100 million by a jury.

The jury determined that the officer had used an unreasonable amount of force. The Georgia NAACP says that they have never seen a settlement of this great amount, especially since the victim is still alive. They feel that this award will make it easier for officers to be held accountable for excessive force or police brutality.

The entire incident began when 65-year-old Jerry Blasingame and APD Officer Jon Grubbs interacted when the civilian was panhandling.

“He was panhandling and the police, of course, rolled up on him, chased him, and then ran after him,” stated Blasingame’s attorney. His legal team added that he was struck in his back by the officer as he was 10 feet away from him.

“Since he’s not under arrest, he can run or do whatever he wants to do. Jerry then fell again, face forward, face planted in smashing his head, multiple facial fractures, brain injury, and broke his neck.”

Video recording captured Blasingame unresponsive and not moving.

Grubbs has been with the department since 2014 and remains on the force.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to have somebody that’s a $100 million liability on your force, still interacting with the citizens?” questioned the president of Georgia’s NAACP.

The jury determined that the city of Atlanta and the officer were guilty of violating Blasingame’s civil rights. He was awarded $60 million from the city and $40 million from Grubbs.



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