Man Awarded $9.4 Million After Cracker Barrel Waitress Served Him Sanitizer Instead of Water


Cracker Barrel restaurant chain has been  ordered by a Tennessee jury to pay $9.4 million in damages. This comes after a worker served a customer sanitizer when it was supposed to be water.

Tennessee law places a cap on how much money can be paid out in damages. Therefore, Cracker Barrel only has to pay a William Cronnon, the patron and plaintiff, $750,000.

“This is an unfair law. He will not receive anything close to what he is entitled to,” stated attorney Thomas Greer.

Cronnon experienced gastrointestinal problems after a server unintentionally replaced his water glass. She “thought” it was water, but it happened to be a combination of water and Eco-San. The latter is a commercial-based bleach.

After consuming the drink, he headed to an emergency room. He had permanent and serious internal physical injuries.

It was later said in court that employees of Cracker Barrel had the unmarked containers of water with Eco-San, in order to allow certain kitchen items to soak.

The food chain says their methods are to never put chemicals in unnamed containers. They are thinking about their legal options now but are glad the case has been closed.



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