Man Charged With Fatally Shooting 6 People, Took Selfie At Crime Scene


Travis Lamar Birkley, 34, has been charged with six counts of felony murder. This comes after six people were found dead at a Milwaukee, WI, duplex, in January.

On Sunday, the bail for the 34-year-old was set at $1 million.

On January 23, the six people were discovered with fatal gunshot injuries. Birkley was connected to the matter by cellphone data. This included a selfie that seem to have been captured in the basement of the residence where the bodies were located. This was several hours after the victims had been murdered on January 20. Authorities say that Birkley seemed to be wearing one of the victim’s costly glasses in the photo.

A witness stated that Birkley confessed to murdering the victims with his cousin while a botched drug robbery took place. Shell casings from the crime scene show that two different guns had been shot, police say.

The witness added that Birkley was observed with a gun, money, and drugs after the victims had died. They believed that the items belonged to one of the six people.

Birkley was apprehended less than a mile away from the crime scene. The cousin’s name wasn’t mentioned in court documents, and no one else has been charged in the case. Birkley will appear in court again on June 15.

Michelle Williams, 49, Donta Williams, 44, Donald Smith, 43, Charles Hardy, 42, Javoni Lidell, 31, and Caleb Jordan, 23, were the victims. Three of them resided in the residence where the bodies were found.

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