Man Cleared Of The 1981 Rape Of “The Lovely Bones” Author, Alice Sebold


Anthony Broadwater, 61, was exonerated in the rape of author, Alice Sebold. She is most noted for her 2002 “The Lovely Bones,” and 2007, “The Almost Moon” books.

A judge threw out his 39 year-old conviction, noting that the wrong individual was punished for the 1981 rape.

On Monday, Broadwater stood emotionally in a courtroom in New York. “I’m so elated. The cold can’t even keep me cold!” he exclaimed.

Authorities say Sebold, 58, was sexually assaulted when she was 18 years-old and a freshman at Syracuse University.

Broadwater was a 20 year-old freshman at the school when the incident happened.

In 1999, when Broadwater got out of prison, Sebold released “Lucky.” She discussed her recovery and seeing the Black man who attacked her three months after the rape.

After seeing her rapist, Sebold contacted authorities. Broadwater was apprehended after an officer said he saw Broadwater near the scene of the crime.

After a lineup was performed, Sebold identified someone else as her attacker.

She later claimed during the trial that Broadwater was the offender.


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