Man Collapses & Dies After Lighting Firework On Top Of His Head To “Show Off”


A man in South Carolina died after igniting a firework on top of his head, and it exploded on July 4.

The incident occurred at about 10:20 p.m. as family members of 41-year-old Allen McGrew say that he was trying to “show off” when he placed the firework on top of his head.

“The device exploded while on top of his head causing massive head injuries,” the sheriff’s office said.

McGrew was declared deceased at the location in Summerville, South Carolina.

His wife told authorities that her husband had been drinking for multiple hours prior to the incident as they had been celebrating Independence Day at a block party.

Documents show that McGrew’s wife was instructing him to stop when the firework exploded, and bystanders saw him collapse.

She added that Independence Day was her husband’s favorite holiday.

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