Man Dies After Vehicle Crushes Him While Trying To Steal Catalytic Converter


32-year-old Matthew Eric Smith, from Chatham County, Georgia, died after being crushed by a vehicle as he tried to steal a catalytic converter.

On Tuesday, close to 9:15 a.m., Smith was discovered dead after the incident that occurred at South Bound Auto Sales.

The owner of the store had discovered Smith when he had gotten to work that day.

Authorities have determined that Smith’s death was accidental and came about after he attempted to steal the car part.

Catalytic converters are valuable to many because of the metals, such as platinum and rhodium, that can be cut out instantly and be sold at scrapyards. They are used in cars for the exhaust system and control emissions.

On the black market, a person can receive over $1,000 for each catalytic converter. Because they have no VIN details or a serial number, they aren’t easily traced.


  1. Karma hits u by death, jail, sickness, job loss, hair loss, call it a curse. Thats bad karma and depending on the severity of the crime determines the severity of karma

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