Man Dies Days After Being Shot By Fort Worth Police


A 31 year old man has died days after being shot by Fort Worth police.

Dash cam video released shows Alejandro Molina Cornelio leading officers on a high speed chase Wednesday.

According to reports earlier that day Cornelio had went to his ex wife’s home with a shotgun and threatened to kill her. He also attempted to take two young children away from the home.

Authorities were called out and decided to block the street in case Cornelio decided to come back later on.

While blocking the street officers spotted him driving in the area and attempted to pull him over but he wouldn’t stop.

He then began driving back towards his ex wife’s home and officers opened fire striking Cornelio. He allegedly rammed into a patrol car after being struck.

He was transported to an area hospital in critical condition.

This investigation remains ongoing.


  1. So how was this an justified shooting, he began driving back towards his ex house not towards the pigs, it’s time to start fighting back against this gang that falled themselves policemen, and this corrupted ass government to obsessed with power is backing them up. It time to go to war.


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