Man Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba After Rinsing Sinuses With Tap Water


A man has died due to a brain-eating amoeba that he might have gotten after rinsing his sinuses with tap water.

On Feb. 23, The Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County stated that it is investigating the cause of the N. Fowleri infection. The patient’s identity hasn’t been publicly released.

N. Fowleri is a single-celled organism that can be located in soil and fresh water across the world. It attracts heat and grows at its highest potential in high temperatures. This is usually most common when swimming in warm lakes or rivers.

In general, the infections are unusual and only come about when contaminated water goes in through the sinuses.

“You CANNOT be infected by drinking tap water,” the Department of Health said in its statement.

The agency has encouraged people to utilize distilled or sterile water when doing a sinus rinse. This usually involves a neti pot.

“Tap water should be boiled for at least 1 minute and cooled before sinus rinsing,” the release noted.



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