Man Employed To Fix Up Home Is Arrested After Locking Homeowner Out, Moving Into Residence


Authorities in Cincinnati, Ohio, have stated that a man that had been paid to do renovations at a residence had something else in mind. He moved into the property he was supposed to be repairing.

52-year-old Wayne Colwell was indicted at the beginning of this month for theft and unauthorized use of property, documents note.

Dennis Harvey, the person who hired Colwell to fix up his home so that he could sell it, says that Colwell didn’t fix anything although he was paid.

Harvey claims that Colwell changed the locks to his residence and wouldn’t allow him in the home. He made excuses as to why Harvey couldn’t come in and inspect the residence.

At some point, Colwell was apprehended. He has been charged with possessing a weapon illegally.

An investigation is on-going.


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