Man Exonerated After Being Wrongly Incarcerated For 25 years


On August 8, a man who spent 25 years in prison for murder was exonerated of the crime.

Cedric Dent was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This was after he was found guilty of shooting and killing someone in 1997.

However, Dent had continuously said that he was innocent. “I was a working man. I was taking care of my family. All of a sudden, things went wrong in my life, and they took my life away from me. I got locked up when I was 23, and I am 47 now. They took my good years away from me for something I didn’t do,” he expressed.

The killing happened when the victim and someone else were involved in an altercation. Dent was said to be at the movie theater watching a film when the incident occurred. However, he was apprehended and charged in relation to the killing 11 days after that.

“Nobody ever went to the theater to try to see if somebody could corroborate that. Nobody tried to find a paper record of that. There were systematic failures at every stage here. The police did not do their job. They did nothing to try and corroborate this identification of witnesses,” stated Dent’s lawyer after he was exonerated.

He added that one person identified Dent through a police lineup. Even though the Black man didn’t match the description of the shooter, Dent was still charged in the matter.

“At trial, there was no other evidence, no physical evidence that tied Mr. Dent to the crime. It was really the testimony of this one witness,” the lawyer stated.

Ms.Colbert, Dent’s mother, said that another of her relatives had also been wrongfuly convicted. Her brother, Elvis, had been wrongfuly incarcerated for 43 years.



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