Man Follows Woman Home And Shoots at Her After She Accidentally Bumped Into Him At Store


On Wednesday, a woman in Pennsylvania unintentionally bumped into a man at a grocery store. He is then accused of shooting at her.

Although the woman apologized for bumping into Moenell A. Coleman, close to 10 a.m., he became very upset and threatened her.

As the unidentified woman left the store, 25 year-old Coleman still made threats. Coleman then trailed the woman as she drove about a block to her residence, and he observed her parking.

As soon as the woman approached her front door to walk in, Coleman shot several rounds of gunfire at her.

The woman suffered a grazed bullet to her right leg. Furthermore, her brother was inside of the home and was hit by a bullet.

The woman received medical attention at the scene as her brother was transported to a hospital.

There is currently a warrant out for Coleman’s arrest. He faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, felony not to possess, and more.

Evidence of the shooting was located after his home was searched. Coleman is currently on the run and is thought to be armed and dangerous.

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