Texas Man Allegedly Killed A Woman And Shot Her Husband Because They Supported Biden


Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, allegedly murdered a woman and shot her husband because they supported Joe Biden.

In emails, Alvarez expressed that one reason he committed the crime was because he saw a Biden flag in Georgette and Daniel Kauffman’s yard. There was also said to be a “Trump Doll” hanging there. He also discussed abortion and satanic rituals in his messages.

Mr. Kauffman said that he was shot at five times. He stated that he was able to crawl out of his residence and reach a neighbor for assistance.

Georgette’s body was located in the garage of her home.

Right after the presidential election, on November 14, 2020, Alvarez pursued the Kauffmans in El Paso.

He wasn’t apprehended until September 8, 2021, almost a year subsequent to the incident.


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