Man Introduced To Wife When She Was An Infant, Now They’re Expecting A Baby


48-year-old Rich Tomkinson and 29-year-old Evie Boucher-Locke fell in love at a bar. However, they weren’t aware that they had been introduced before, when Evie was a baby.

The pair, from the UK, met at a bar as Rich was serving Evie drinks, and they immediately made a connection.

After officially becoming a couple, the two moved in together within four months.

Then, when Evie allowed Rich to meet her mother, they found out that they had met before. They then recalled that they had worked on the same street back in the 90s.

Rich then remembered seeing Evie as a baby when her mother would push her down the street in a stroller.

“It was a bit freaky at first when I realized that I met Evie as a baby. But, I had no idea at the time. We just laugh about it. Age is just a number to us. You can’t help who you fall in love with,” Rich stated.

Although the couple said it doesn’t bother them, they are often thought to be father and daughter because of their 20-year age gap.

Now, the couple is expecting a baby. “Marrying Evie was the best day of my life, and I’m so excited to have a baby with her,” Rich expressed.

“We already thought about people thinking I’m the granddad rather than the dad at sports days and things like that.”


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