Man Killed By Police Sniper While Holding a Baby


A police sniper shot Oscar Alcantara, 30, while he was holding a baby he kidnapped.

Washington City, Utah police pulled over a car looking for Alcantara on Feb 17 concerning a separate incident involving a gun.

A woman escaped the car and ran toward police telling them Alcantara was armed in the car with her baby.

Alcantara jumped in the drivers seat and drove away with the baby still inside. Police chased him into Arizona. Alcantara abandoned the car near Beaver Dam and took off on foot with the baby in his arms while pointing the gun at the baby.

St. George police begged him to release the baby, but Alcantara refused. Newly released body camera footage shows the suspect kneeling behind plants.

An officer tried to negotiate with Alcantara while a police sniper was moving in place. On the footage, officers are shouting that the suspect is pointing the gun at them.

‘The gun is pointed right at us! Gun pointed at us!’, an officer yells.

After an hour into the standoff, a police sniper shot and killed Alcantara with the baby in his arm. The baby was not hurt and was rushed to safety.


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