Man Killed Over Grass Clippings Argument in St. Louis County


Allen Waller, 29, was killed Sunday by his neighbor’s landscaper. The landscaper claims self-defense.

The landscaper stated his client, a woman, said Waller had a problem with grass blades blowing into his driveway. Surveillance video records the neighbor bringing two men to Waller’s door. Another man walked from a truck on the street with a gun.

“….. ‘sir, I understand there’s grass on your property, don’t you think the wind could have blown this over?’”

The landscaper reported that Waller took him around the corner, where there aren’t any cameras. “He pulls out his gun from his waistband and cocks it and starts waving it around to me and my brother. He put it to my brother’s head.”

The landscaper said he brought his two brothers with him for protection. The client had told him about previous incidents with Waller and other neighbors.

Prosecutors have said charges will depend on the evidence.


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