Man Kills Pedestrian In Dallas Hit And Run; Police Find Arm In Passenger Seat


A man is in custody after striking and killing a pedestrian with his vehicle over the weekend.

On June 15, around 12:30 a.m., Dallas officers responded to a service call on the 2500 block of Northwest Highway. Upon arriving they learned that 31 year old Juan Morgan Munoz was traveling northbound on the 1800 block of Storey Lane when he struck a pedestrian and kept going.

Munoz continued driving to the 2500 block of Northwest Highway to his job, Maaco Auto Body Shop, where he contacted police.

Police arrived to the scene and noticed Munoz smelling of alcohol and slurring his words. They also noticed body damage to his vehicle and a hole in the front passenger side of his window with an arm in the front seat.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene on Storey Lane by emergency crews.

Munoz was arrested and booked into Dallas County Jail for Felony DWI and Collision Involving Death.

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