Man Pleads Guilty In Human Smuggling Case After 53 Migrants Died Inside Tractor-Trail


29-year-old Christian Martinez, one of six men charged for the deaths of more than 53 migrants in Texas last year, has pleaded guilty in the matter.

The incident happened in an extremely hot tractor-trailer in what is the country’s deadliest human smuggling attempt from Mexico.

Martinez is the first person to be convicted by the U.S. government over the incident that happened in San Antonio. The truck had been located in a remote area in June 2022. Those who lost their lives included eight children who had been inside the hot trailer, with no air conditioning, during the Texas heat.

67 people had been smuggled in the truck. Documents show that the migrants paid $15,000 each to be brought into the U.S. This would paid for three attempts to get across the border.

Martinez could receive life in prison after pleading guilty to four smuggling-related offenses.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 4.

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