Man Pretending To Be A Girl’s Soccer Recruiter Pleads Guilty To Possessing Child Pornography


A Fort Worth,Texas, man who posed as a college soccer recruiter, pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography on Wednesday.

43-year-old Michael Ansley Twing had sexual photos of underage girls saved on his laptop, court documents note. The photos had been downloaded through eMule which is a file-sharing program.

Twing is also accused of pretending to be a college recruiter for a university. He went by the names ‘Michael Krogen’ and ‘ Christopher Michael Crogen.’

Detectives found documents with the university’s letterhead and Twing’s aliases, stating that he was a recruiter for the institution. A high school soccer roster was also located. Documents note that Twing requested that a coach give him the contact details of a student, as well.

The Department of Justice said the university is fully cooperating with the investigation. Additionally, nothing has shown that the university was a part of Twing’s behavior.

Twing had already been on the sex offender list. He was identified as a subscriber to two websites offering child pornography, in 2010. Some of the material was said to be “sadistic or masochistic conduct.”

Twing will be sentenced on October 21 in Fort Worth. He could receive up to 40 years in federal prison.


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