Man Receives Praise After Rescuing 5 People, Including Children, From Burning Home


Early Monday morning, a man from Indiana saved four young children and their 18-year-old sister from a fire at a residence. He has now been called a hero.

Around 12:30 a.m., Nick Bostic was on his way home when he witnessed the house on fire.

“I saw the balcony on fire, so I slammed on the brakes. I then pulled in the driveway and ran into the house from the back. I was hollering, ‘Is there anybody in there?'” Bostic reported.

He then discovered four people and helped them get out of the home. Afterwards, he was told one other person was still inside.

Bostic went back to the home, but the flames had gotten worse.

“The smoke just came out of nowhere. It was pitch black, pitch black. The heat was excruciating,” he added.

After hearing a small cry, Bostic was able to find the other person. He retrieved the child and went out a second story window to get away from the flames. Body cam footage depicts him coming from the residence with the 6-year-old.

Bostic experienced cuts and burns to his legs and arms and was treated at a medical facility.

The Lafayette Police Department has said that Bostic is a hero.

“His selflessness during this incident is inspiring. He has impressed many with his courage, tenacity, and steadfast calmness in the face of such perilous danger,” stated a lieutenant.

In August, Bostic will be honored at a local baseball game.

Officials are investigating the fire. However, it was thought to have started on the front porch from ashes that hadn’t been totally put out.

Bostic hopes to be able to meet with the family soon.



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