Man Says Running On ‘All-Fours’ Similar To A Dog Has Made Him “Crazy Ripped”


A personal trainer in Carmel, Indiana, says that running on all-fours, everyday for nearly 12 months, has gotten him “crazy ripped.”

All over the internet, “running like a dog” captions can be seen. That’s because Nathan Nolan has been doing the exercise,  that has caused so much attention, for 322 days.

Nolan wants to make something clear, though. “There’s no inspiration coming from any animal. I’m not trying to imitate anything.”

He states that the all-fours exercise started last year when his calisthenics practices, jitisu, and breakingdancing began to take a toll on him.

“I was suffering in a lot of pain in like my wrists and hands and shoulder and stuff,” Nolan said.

Thus, he began doing planks everyday and bear-crawls, which eventually led to what he does now.

“I do a minimum of about 30 to 45 minutes a day,” he said.

Nolan added that he has witnessed visible changes in his body.


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