Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Girlfriend Over TV Show


Tyrone Johnson, 45, was convicted of first and second-degree murder for fatally shooting his girlfriend, Stephanie Willis, 34, and her 10 year-old son, Ricky in 2018.

Prior to the shooting, an argument about what to watch on t.v. took place.

Now, a jury and judge in Tampa, Florida, have given the man the death penalty.

On the day of the murders, Johnson contacted the police stating that Willis was “attacking” him.

When authorities arrived to the apartment where all three resided, the mother and son were found deceased.

Johnson’s lawyer noted that he had been drinking alot the day the argument over the t.v. transpired.

The attorney said the girlfriend stated, “I see why your son killed himself like a [expletive] because you’re a little [expletive].”

This allegedly angered Johnson further.

The lawyer sought life in prison, stating Johnson suffered from PTSD from his son’s suicide and his time in the military.

A jury disagreed, and Johnson will die for his crimes.


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