Man Shoots Woman In The Neck And Dies After Bullet Ricochets And Strikes Him


On July 30, 2020, at 11:39 a.m., Dallas Police received a call about a shooting. Police arrived at the 2200 block of medical district and could see a large amount of blood. They also spotted a blood trail in front of an apartment. No one was found inside the apartment at the time.

Detectives believed that at the apartment Byron Redmon, 26, shot a female victim in the neck. The bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg. They ended up crashing near The Parkland Hospital.

The hospital contacted the Dallas Police Department after a man and woman were found both suffering from gunshot wounds and were transported for medical attention. Redmon died at the hospital and the woman, who has not yet been identified publicly, condition is unknown.

It’s unclear what exactly led to this shooting or how the victims know each other. The investigation is ongoing.


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