Man Taken Into Custody After Making Terroristic Threats Against Mosque In Desoto


A man who had already been charged with stabbing a waitress in the neck,  in Charlotte, NC, is now facing new charges. This is for communicating a threat at a mosque in Texas.

Desoto, Texas, police arrested DeMarcus Lamont Brodie, 48. He is now facing a charge of a terroristic threat against a local mosque. The incident, that was based on religious bias, happened on Tuesday, and Brodie’s vehicle was seen on camera surveillance footage.

Witnesses told authorities that Brodie entered Desoto House of Peace & Community Center. He then warned that he would “chop off heads, kill families, and kill them.” He said this would happen if they didn’t stop practicing their religion.

Brodie was apprehended at his place of employment, Golden Chick.

While investigating, authorities learned that Brodie had been charged a few years ago for stabbing a waitress and communicating threats to government facilities.

The new case has been handed over to the U.S. District Attorney’s Office for review to determine if it will be considered a hate crime.


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