Man Who Attacked a McKinney Jogger in 2021 Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison


The man who attacked a woman that was jogging at a McKinney trail, dragging her to the bathroom while holding a knife, was sentenced to 40 years.

23-year-old Stephon Washington attacked a female jogger at Towne Lake Park in McKinney on the morning of July 10, 2021. Washington dragged the victim to a public restroom while holding a knife to her neck. Inside the restroom, he demanded that she take her shirt off and also give him everything she had. During the attack, Washington dropped the knife and accidentally cut his hand, forcing him to leave the scene. As he left he told the woman to “consider yourself lucky”.

Washington’s DNA was found all over the scene and he was arrested within hours of the attack. He was found guilty of aggravated robbery.

Prosecutors had witnesses testify and evidence shown in court from two other cases Washington is currently facing in Denton County.

One of the cases is from 2019 when Washington allegedly attacked a female housekeeper at a motel with a gun.

The second case is from an incident that took place just a few weeks before the McKinney jogger was attacked. Prosecutors say Washington broke into the home of a woman and her two small children and threatened them. The woman was able to break free and escape. Washington’s fingerprints were located at the scene.

Both cases are still pending in Denton County.

In the McKinney attack, Judge Rayburn Nall presided over the case and sentenced Washington to 40 years in prison.


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