Maryland Couple Has Fostered More Than 100 Kids


For 27 years, Aaron and Sandra Stockton have taken children into their home.

From their residence in Maryland, they have fostered more than 100 children around Washington DC.

“There’s always room for one more,” Sandra continuously says. She uses this motto that she got from her mother, whom she discovered was a foster child, as well.

In 1994, they became foster parents for the first time. White children weren’t adopted by black families back then, so they decided to changes things up and make it happen.

After that, the children kept coming. They have fostered more than 100 kids from DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Their house is decorated in photos of thousands of children even the ones that belong to them.

Aaron wants to share some knowledge with others who want to foster children. “They are going to make mistakes when they get to you, but just don’t throw in the towel right away.”


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